Handy Steamer GN-1154/21

Handy, Convenient and portable, are the prefect 3 words to describe our Handy Steamer GN-1154/21. It bags some great features like;

1) Having variable steam production levels

2) Having height adjustable pole

3) Automatic water supply with leakage proof value

4) Having a large water tank capacity

The Handy Steamer GN-1154/21 has a pretty high with controllability, which makes ironing garments more pleasant and hassle free. The cool part is it will never harm the fabric as a result of ironing. It is a great option for people with a busy lifestyle who don't have a lot of time to iron their clothes.

A steam iron due to its easy maintenance and efficient use have become a popular choice for most of our customers. When compared to alternatives that require regular supervision, our handy steamer is more of a dependable solution.

A steam iron is the finest method to give your clothes a clean, sophisticated & wrinkle-free look asit iron moistens the fibers of your clothes, making pressing them simpler.

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