Garment Steamer GN-1158/21

The hassle free & convenient Garment Streamer GN-1158/21 by Gaba National. The star features are:

1) It has height adjustable pole

2) It has automatic water supply with leakage proof value

3) It has large water tank capacity

4) It has anti slip rubber wheel

Garment Steamer GN-1158/21 gives perfect ironing especially to formal clothes. Garment Steamer GN-1158/21 brings you the perfect solution for a hassle free ironing. It’s lightweight & can be easily moved around.

So order one for yourself and get rid of the rigid wrinkles without causing any harm to your clothes.

It is more flexible, portable and easy to use as compared to the traditional iron & most importantly you can use it anywhere, no flat surface needed.

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